Sitting on your boat, deciding where to head to and free to do whatever you like. These are precious moments surrounded by those you care for. Or maybe in your own company. Seeking the challenge, wanting to give it your all – the competitive instinct is running in your blood. Whether you’re off on the annual vacation with family or friends or battling it out on the race course, you’re out there in harmony with nature and dealing with the power of nature. It’s a dream.

Power your dream with state-of-the art sails

At Elvstrøm Sails we are committed to pursuing your dream when it comes to cruising or racing. Our qualified team of experienced sailors and sail designers are here for you. From the very first contact we strive to give you the best advice. Your needs define the sail we recommend. Within our EPEX range there are different combinations of yarn and material, certainly one for you, too!

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