• A Vision

    A Vision

    State-of-the art technology.

Leading Edge Technology

The innovative technology behind EPEX is based on a clear vision. A vision to design and produce a sail to outdo conventional sails in terms of durability and performance! EPEX was born in 2008 and as the first and only of its kind on the market. Since then the products and the processes have been further developed to what today is state-of-the-art technology.

Peter Conrad (Sobstad Sails, later Elvstrøm Sobstad) was the first man to visualize the membrane sail design. And he didn’t stop here! He in fact invented and patented the concept: A design based on the concept of making custom fabric for each sail, with yarns being laid out exactly where they were predicted to be the most needed and accurately aligning the fibres along the load paths to produce the most durable and stable sail. After many years of development Elvstrøm Sails have succeeded in perfecting the production process of high quality membranes for sails. EPEX sail membranes are held in position over the whole surface during the entire process by means of a vacuum. In this way a 100% homogenous sail-laminate is produced.

The result is a high performance membrane with previously unknown characteristics. EPEX!